Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh, I am SO ready!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Once upon a time...

ok... so really~ I was hoping that 2011 would bring a whole new year of blogging for me. WHAT??!! Now I see that aitn't happening!! But, I will give myself credit for the blogging I have done!! I am NOT a writer, but a sewer. My creative juices flow when I am in my studio. NOT when I am on my computer... unfortunately. Sometimes I think how easy it would be to be a writer... until I sit down and write! Ugh... my husband is a writer. He is also WAY more book smart than me! I will try blog MORE. But, I can't promise. I will promise to design & sew for you:)

Are you ready for Spring 2011!!! Well, it's about to debut... Once upon a time....

I LOVE all my photographers!! Thank you!!! It makes my day to receive emails from all of you with your daughters ROCKIN' 1crown3tiaras!!! Seriously!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where did that week go???

Wowza!! Why am I SO tired?? Oh boy... what a week:) Lots of new items coming into shop starting this week!!!! Went to 3 fabric stores today trying to find the perfect fabric for a portrait dress today.... still nothing. I think I might be up all night scouring the internet. I have had this gorgeous lace fabric that I have had in my studio for quite a long time and LOTS of it... I finally have it all sketched out! So basic and it's going to be another favorite of mine. I just know it!!

{Forty Toes Photography}
I have gotten some photos back from a couple photographers and it seriously makes my day to see
these girls rockin' 1crown3tiaras!!!!
{landojake Photography}
Thanks ladies for photos and your amazing talent!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today I LOVE Spring!!!

If you saw my studio you would think I am a crazy lady!!

It's coming! It's almost done!! Most of it is done. Some of it is sent to photographers. 5 photographers. I am so excited to show you. I will be giving a few more sneak peaks just to keep you interested!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The start of a New Year...

For me it is somewhat of a strange feeling to have the holidays over and the kids back in school. It's almost bittersweet. The month of December is busy.busy.busy. and then it's all over and a new year is here. I will admit I LOVE new years resolutions... although, I don't know if I call them resolutions. Goals... I always have a list of goals and the New Year gives me a chance to sit down and go over my goals cross some off and add some new.

I have a VERY dear friend of mine who last month graduated and is now a social worker. I love hearing how much passion she has for her new life and the goals and dreams she expresses. I get so much inspiration just listening to her over the phone. I wish I could have made it to her graduation party yesterday 1500 miles away. I was there in spirit and my dear mother did text me a picture! Thanks mom!

I just can't help myself and give you a little sneak peak at the Spring 2011 line...
I hope all of you have as much excitement for 2011 as I do!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


the new year and anticipate all the challenges and joy it will bring

all the mistakes I have made that made me realize

my wonderful husband who helps me stay on track

this beautiful -6 degree sunny day

to read blogs and become inspired

my parents for coming to stay for Christmas

growing older and finding myself

being able to dream of seeing more

knowing that the end of this 3 year journey will
finally come to an end

watching my kids enjoying life

the comfort I find in my family

to love