Monday, January 3, 2011

The start of a New Year...

For me it is somewhat of a strange feeling to have the holidays over and the kids back in school. It's almost bittersweet. The month of December is busy.busy.busy. and then it's all over and a new year is here. I will admit I LOVE new years resolutions... although, I don't know if I call them resolutions. Goals... I always have a list of goals and the New Year gives me a chance to sit down and go over my goals cross some off and add some new.

I have a VERY dear friend of mine who last month graduated and is now a social worker. I love hearing how much passion she has for her new life and the goals and dreams she expresses. I get so much inspiration just listening to her over the phone. I wish I could have made it to her graduation party yesterday 1500 miles away. I was there in spirit and my dear mother did text me a picture! Thanks mom!

I just can't help myself and give you a little sneak peak at the Spring 2011 line...
I hope all of you have as much excitement for 2011 as I do!!

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  1. okay, I'm drooling over here :) the dress is gorgeous!