Monday, May 31, 2010


We are remembering all those who have served and are serving our country. Thank you!

We now have a BIG BLUE LA-Z-BOY right smack dab in my living room. grrr.
Compliments of my parents giving it to Dad before he moved to Yakima.
I guess I never envisioned it in my own living room, but here it sits and what's even more miserable than the chair itself is the kiddos fighting over it. Seriously, like all day long.
Who woulda thought??

On a cheerful note... Dad moves home in 11 more days!!!
For real. Yay! That is why the la-z-boy is here now. He has moved some of his goods home. I am stuck as to how we {me, Tyke, Mini, Fancy & Baby} should celebrate his homecoming?
We will come up with something.

And I am happy to show a few more items that are in my store today...

Isn't this girl just darling!! I love seeing little girls in my clothing:)
Thank you Cathie for your amazing photography!

Monday, May 24, 2010

My new favorite...

I have had LOTS of this fabric for SO long knowing it had great potential!

...FINALLY... the light bulb went on!
I dropped what I was doing and whipped it out as quickly as I could!

The back is my favorite with the elastic shirring for a feminine look...
and the front has the perfect touch of vintage with the velvet robins egg blue ribbon across the top of the bodice...
... oh my, Fancy's wardrobe is getting quite large.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Boys World...

The world was made for little boys
With infinite wonders and myriad joys
As he explores the source of brooks
Or recorded lore in interesting books.

As he trails fierce bears imaginary
Or listens quietly for the wild canary,
There are trees to climb - birds to hear,
Animals to greet with love - not fear.

He tramps the woods, fields and streams
Dreaming those wondrous boyhood dreams,
Of conquering worlds - as yet unknown
In that far off day when he is grown,
To manhood stature with noble goal
Imbued with nature's gentle soul.

In the cool of evening or midday sun
Knowing that all of life is one -
Knowing with all its strife and noise
The world was made for little boys.

-Rea Williams

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She is just Fancy!

Mom: "what is your favorite color?"
Fancy: "blue and red"

Mom: "who is your best friend?"
Fancy: "bobbie and mila"

Mom: "what are you going to be when you get big?"
Fancy: "artist"

Mom: "what do you like to play?"
Fancy: "play dogs and play the wii"

Mom: "what do you want to do this summer?"
Fancy: "go to minnesota"

Mom: "What is something mom always says to you?"
Fancy: "i love you"

Mom: "what are you excited for?"
Fancy: "summer"

Mom: "what is your favorite song?"
Fancy: "Jesus loves me"

Mom: "what is your favorite food?"
Fancy: "ham and cheese"

Mom: "what is something dad always says to you?"
Fancy: "I love you"

Mom: "if you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?"
Fancy: "to the mall. when i'm a mom i'm gonna go to the mall everyday"

Mom: "what is something you are really good at?"
Fancy: " riding my bike"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring is here!!!

..... And we have been busy updating wardrobes!!!

Dad was home this weekend!
We are eagerly counting down the days until he moves home...
...31 days!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's for dinner?

Dinner hasn't been very creative around here for the past year.
But... that's about to change, because Dad moves back home in 5 more weeks!!!

I am very thankful that taco salad is a favorite around here even when Dad is home!!
We really do have this more than any other meal...
and NO ONE is complaining!! {do I dare say yet?}
Why does Baby not want her beans touching her salad?? not sure.
So now, I need to start thinking about meal planning again.
And I love the fact that barbecue season is upon us once again!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who said you need a lake??

You know a good friend when he shows up at your doorstep with a fishing pole for you...
Tykes best friend from school shares the passion of the outdoors with him.
We have been having this conversation when I pick him up from school.

Mom: "Hi Tyke, how was your day?"

Tyke: "good, but hurry up and pick up Mini so we can go home."

Mom: "ok... but why in such a hurry?"

Tyke: "cause Carson is bringing me a fishing pole."

Mom: "Seriously Tyke, don't get your hopes up on this one."

This went on for a couple weeks.
Last night as we were all in the kitchen chatting while I was making dinner, the door bell rang.
I ran to the door with all 4 kids on my tail and to my surprise there was Carson!
Holding a fishing pole with a HUGE grin on his face!!
Tyke tells him... "I KNEW IT!!! My mom didn't believe you!"
I am so thankful this little boy has hobbies!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

More time...

I wish I had more time...
to post more on my kids.
Someday... I will.

This "baby" girl has been growing like crazy...
Favorite color is yellow.
Best friend is Rose.
Loves to play princess.
Loves to pretend she's a puppy.
Loves Dora.
Thinks she's boss.
Says she is 3 1/2 ever since she turned 3.
Talks clearly.
Throws fits when she doesn't get her way. {I'm working on that one}
Changes her undies every time she goes potty.
Favorite food is apples and strawberries.
Misses her Daddy.