Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can you believe...

I have finally set up a fan page on Facebook!! Yay... so if you want to click like, you can do so right from my blog:) And tell your friends too!!! Then you will all be informed when a good deal is coming your way.

I am seriously missing my dear friend today as I am everyday. When I was visiting her in the beautiful Brainerd Lakes area she was able to use her photography skills and capture some photos of her DARLING daughter in a new fall outfit of mine...
Her little princess was so excited to get a new outfit from me... I LOVE seeing the excitement of little girls wearing 1crown3tiaras!!
School starts tomorrow. Bittersweet. This summer went by WAY to fast as every summer does. At the same time it is nice to get back on schedule.
Dad doesn't start school until the middle of September so we are excited to spend some quite mornings with just us and Baby... I think she will get extra spoiled by both of us during the next couple of weeks! I have to mention that this is Dads LAST year of school!!!

This little Kindergartner can barely wait until morning!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things we love about the Northwest...

At the top of Mount Spokane...

Sits an adorable cottage house built in 1934.

and GORGEOUS views.

Adorable sisters and a VERY handsome man:)
Can you guess what else they see???

MANY of these...

Isn't he just the cutest little thing?!

I will be done with the vacation post soon. We are very thankful we were all able to make it to my Grandmothers funeral. She passed away at the age of 98 years old. We REALLY enjoyed visiting with all our family and friends from the Midwest. Thank you all for your wonderful hospitality.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I love my customers...

"I will take one in each color!
... I am potty training my daughter."
Ahem... are you sure you don't want a tunic to go with each pair??
Why didn't I think of that while training? Afraid of running low on pants my kids had to run around in their undies while at home... and I sew!!