Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where do I buy my fabric??

Do you know how often I hear this question??

I have a friend Carrie who owns a shop The Top Stitch.
I think I can say this is one of my ALL time favorite stores!!
Did I mention that she also is a Janome dealer??
Yes, Janome... I am in the process of saving for another {grin}
My back-up sewing machine I used before was my Moms...
so now {of course} I need to have a back-up...
The Top Stitch also offers classes.. that is where Mini takes her hand-stitching class!

Okay... what if I don't find what I am looking for there??
Hawthorne Threads
My all time FAVORITE online fabric store!
Fast shipping and great prices!!

So, after I purchase the fabrics from the store and I put an outfit together that I really like... I then will order a bolt of the fabric wholesale....
and with that comes many little outfits!
Did I mention I LOVE my job??

Here are a few of my favorites this season...

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