Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is coming...

And I have proof!!
...At least it's coming here in The Pacific Northwest.
Spring is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year.
I am one of them people who likes winter, but only for like 1 week.
This weekend when Dad was home it was a 60 degree day and we headed out hiking.
It was an absolutely beautiful day!!!
Fancy thought the Catepillar was a little "sketchy".
I told her it was another sign that Spring is here!!!
Ike is my outdoor boy. He of course couldn't hold back his excitement of all the signs of Spring.
Me and my love who I miss already... he left so early today. Sniff.My baby is getting too big.
This is the first time we have hiked without carrying her in a backpack!
And she had so much fun!!!
She did need a couple of breaks, but Dad took care of her....
We cherish these weekends when Dad comes home!
The next time he comes home will be Spring break!!!
...And the end of the second quarter!!
woohoo!! That's only 2 weeks away!!

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