Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally!! The week of Christmas. Who woulda thought it would be here so fast? Oh, but I LOVE this season. Especially the baking cause I have this big excuse to eat all the yummy sweets and keep reminding myself that a new year is right around the corner and I can loose all that weight after new years! Really that is my BIGGEST resolution this year to drop all this extra weight! That and turn this blog into a blog and not just once a month sort of thing.

Grandma and Grandpa are about to walk into this house any hour now. The kids have already started peaking out the window asking when they are going to be here... before 2! I hope anyway because I told the kiddos G & G will be here for the program at church this afternoon and they are super duper excited about that!!!

And can you believe I have been super busy with life and it has been a blast! Only needing to worry about me and my family and no orders needing to get shipped out! Yesterday I was on a roll!! Got the basement SPOTLESS!! Went through all the kids clothes (again! ...why do they grow so fast?!) and toys... getting ready for Christmas, so out with the old and broken and in with new. Hopefully this house will stay a little less cluttered with all the bags of toys going to goodwill!
Girls are loving getting some clothes made! Believe it or not, they are the ones who lack the most in wearing 1crown3tiaras. I am hoping to get myself some pillows and maybe even curtains made during this time off! Off to get this place tidied up before G & G get here. ttfn.

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  1. have fun with grandma and grandpa! merry christmas to you and your beautiful fam!