Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dad took the 3 oldest kids fishing right after school. I am done working for the day and finally have time to organize my studio. I LOVE it when everything is in it's place and I can work without clutter!!

Got two more items in my shop this week that scream fall!!

Baby is very lonesome for her siblings during school. We just started working on writing her name. So far she has mastered the first letter, but trying to explain that the number 3 is not part of her name it's her age is a bit tough. Age is a BIG thing for a 3 year old!
It is amazing how much this little kindergarten has changed since school started. Her mood swings have vanished and she is a sponge at school. All evening she tells me everything she did and learned at school. I really don't think she misses telling a single minute of her day!

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