Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is it really June?

Fun in the sun for the ONLY couple days of sunshine this past month. Yes, we gambled on the weather and went camping. And I am so glad we did cause as soon as we pull in our driveway it's rain. I know weather is really an over touched subject, but really? Rain through June? This is not the typical beautiful Spokane summer that I moved here for!
So yeah, we really did somehow sneak the ONLY nice days of weather this month and went camping. That is why I can justify so many photos today...

Our little "Baby" is getting so big...

And when Mini has her own camera now... this is what you pay for! (you know it's going to be bad when right after she takes the picture she chuckles and says that's funny!)
This big boy seams to make friends everywhere he goes! What a blast he had fishing... This time a fishing partner!
Fished last night with Dad and then woke up this morning and fished for 7 hours STRAIGHT!!

What bliss...
Can't wait for our next family getaway!

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