Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm back...!!!

So many emotions in 1 week!!! I don't know where to start!

We left last Thursday afternoon... stayed on the road 2 nights because of bad weather.
Pulled the uhaul in to my parents new home Friday afternoon after enjoying a wonderful lunch at my {98 year old} Grandma's house! It was a bit overwhelming wondering how we were going to fit all my Mom's furniture and belongings into much smaller living space. But, my Mom {being the most organized person I know} found a place for almost everything!!

Got LOTS of much needed retail therapy!
Visited so many family and friends!!
And made it home safely to some very excited kiddos!!!

Now, it's back to work!!!
If you check out my shop you will notice the many new spring items are finally listed!!!

Here are a few photos to show you that I recieved while I was on vacation!! Thank you Hillary for your once again AMAZING photography!!

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