Monday, July 27, 2009

Chances are...

...if the house is quiet, the kids are on the front porch watching the road construction.
...if Fancy is in her bedroom she will be changing, and chances are... they are probably not her own clothes!!
...if Baby is quiet, she is digging in the pantry cupboard.
...if Tyke is building with his train set, Baby will be in there destroying it.
...if Baby is wearing undies today, she will forget they are on and so will Mama.
...if the neighbor kids come home, my kids will be outside within a minute.
...if the phone rings, we will all race to it hoping it is Daddy.
...if the house stays cool today it is because the kids played in today and Mama is making dinner in the crackpot instead of the oven.
...if Grandma calls she will be wondering how much sewing I have gotten done today. {grin}
...if Tyke gets his job done before being asked at least 4 times, it's because he wants a piece of pie.
...if you come over today, you will find me in my studio.
Now it's your turn to play... and chances are...if you go HERE you can play to! {grin}

1 comment:

  1. Great list! I probably should have thrown a few sibling relationship ones into my list.

    Thanks for playing along!